• We create applications that cost less to operate and maintain over the lifetime of the application. Our FAST development methodology and framework improves time to market.
  • Flexible portfolio management and improved performance through profiling, adjustable services and predictable pricing to drive the costs out of maintaining your applications.
  • Comsphere IT provides multiple modernization strategies that address risk, optimize benefits, and prioritize the business need of each application, resulting in a flexible modernization plan.
  • Provides the assessment, development and management processes to establish a SOA that can integrate modernized legacy systems and newly developed functionality to support agile business processes.
  • Integrates critical ERP applications with other legacy and commercial packages, replacing disconnected applications with a best-in-class enterprise system that efficiently supports your business processes.
  • Comsphere IT Testing Center of Excellence utilizes a complete test methodology that delivers the right mix of testing and quality assurance resources and providing service on software tools that achieves quality and integrity of the applications and systems.